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Turn: Washington's Spies is an ongoing TV series, that premiered on April 6, 2014 on AMC. It is based on the novel, Washington's Spies: The Story of America's First Spy Ring.

Turn: Washington's Spies was originally referred to as Turn during season one; "Washington's Spies" was later added to the title.


Picture Title Release
Turn Origins cover Turn: Origins March 26, 2014
The roots of the friendship of Abe Woodhull, Anna Strong, Caleb Brewster and Ben Tallmadge form during their childhood. A British occupation of their hometown of Setauket turns a farmer, a tavern owner, a whaleboatman, and a rebel soldier into Washington’s most valuable assets.
Turn Season 1 poster Season 1 April 6, 2014 – June 8, 2014
Abe Woodhull, a farmer living in British-occupied Long Island bands together with his childhood friends to form the Culper Ring -- an unlikely team of secret agents who not only went on to help George Washington turn the tide of the war but also gave birth to modern spycraft.
Turn - Washington's Spies - Rivals cover "Rivals" April 10, 2015 – April 15, 2015
George Washington and Robert Rogers weren’t always enemies. In fact, they were once warriors who fought on the same side, until a series of events pitted the man of reason and the man of blood against one another.
Turn - Washington's Spies Season 2 poster Season 2 April 13, 2015 – June 8, 2015
The Patriot cause has suffered the crushing loss of their capital city of Philadelphia to the British. Washington’s army faces desertion and death, and the embattled general faces conspirators from within his own ranks, as well as personal demons he keeps hidden from the men he leads. Washington's closest ally in these dark times is also his most celebrated battle commander, Benedict Arnold -- a friend whose growing discontent will threaten the fate of the Revolution. Outnumbered and outgunned on the battlefield, Washington is counting on his ring of young spies and his greatest hope, Abe Woodhull, a lone civilian deep behind enemy lines, who finds he has little left to lose and is willing to risk everything he has left... including his soul.
Turn - Washington's Spies Season 3 poster Season 3 April 25, 2016 –
Behind enemy lines on Long Island, Abe Woodhull is a spy for the Patriots, reporting directly to George Washington. Embedded within the Continental Army, Benedict Arnold is seduced to become an informant for the British. As the consequences of their espionage ripple through the battlefield, the spy game becomes a heart-stopping race to see which mole will be unmasked first. In 1778, there is only one fate that awaits a captured spy –- the hangman’s noose. The price for treason is blood, and not all of the heroes will survive.

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In addition to the musical score composed by Marco Beltrami for every episode, several songs have been featured on Turn: Washington's Spies including "Hush", for the opening titles and "Turpin Hero", for the first episode.

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